domingo, 9 de enero de 2011


 Por aquí un poemita que encontré y me gustó jeje, debido a las circumstancias... ejém, bueno XD aquí se los dejo :D 

by: Sri Chinmoy

How far is confusion-night from Illumination-light ?
It is as far as man's doubting mind and man's loving heart.

You want to escape the confusion
That you see before you.
I tell you, you will never be able
To escape the outer confusion
Unless and until
You have escaped the inner confusion.
And the inner confusion
Is your continuous doubt-indulgence.

Confusion-night boasts,
Aspiration-day cries.
Realisation-sun destroys confusion-night
And manifests God-Height
On earth.

All live in the selfsame

If you want to solve
All the confusion-problems
Of your mind,
Then resolve to live
Inside the illumination
Of your heart-sky.

It's sad... To feel that you don't fit where you are. In the group where you are and you rather hide somewhere else where you fee...